Swimming Pool Construction and Repairs in Singapore

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, there is nothing quite as relaxing as jumping into a pool. Whether you’re unwinding after a long week or simply having some fun, it is always essential to develop a safe and eco-friendly swimming pool.

If you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor to build or repair a swimming pool in your house or commercial establishment, reach out to us at OCL Building Services. We offer reliable, high-quality swimming pool construction and repair services in Singapore.


Swimming Pool Construction

We have years of experience building in-ground and above-ground pools.

In-ground pools are buried and thus requires digging and obtaining relevant permits from the authorities. Most in-ground pools are made of concrete or fiberglass and vinyl with concrete.

As its name suggests, above-ground pools are built above the ground and thus require no excavation works. You can choose between two options: soft-sided or rigid-sided.

We also consider your individual requirements, preferences, and budget. Regardless of whether you want an in-ground or above-ground pool, our pool design and construction works are completely tailored to your demands. As we have everything we need on hand, from equipment to tools and specialists, you can be sure that we can fulfill your requests efficiently.


Swimming Pool Repairs

We understand that swimming pools experience wear and tear over time, like any other equipment or environment. We also recognize that each pool has its set of unique demands and components. Hence, our solutions are tailored to specific issues.

Even the best-designed swimming pools are prone to damage and malfunctions. Hence, it is vital to reach out to a swimming pool contractor if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Pool leakage
  • Pool filter malfunction
  • Pool heater malfunction
  • Shell or tile damage
  • Burst pipe
  • Pool pump damage

Benefits of Swimming Pool Construction and Repair Services

Working with a swimming pool contractor provides numerous benefits, such as:

Increasing longevity of the pool. Pool equipment, including filters, heaters, and pumps, experience wear and tear over the years. Our follow-up care and repair work ensure they remain functional.

Ensure all necessary permits are acquired. The permit process when building a swimming pool is complex; going through it alone is a daunting task: mistakes made may  delay your project significantly. With our swimming contractors, you don’t have to worry about missing a step in the process.

Efficiency. Building a swimming pool is a big project that requires the management of many different components. If you have a desired timeline, it is best to engage a swimming pool contractor with years of experience.

Quality parts. We use high-quality materials and parts to repair your pool and its equipment.


Swimming Pool Construction and Repair

 Are you looking for a swimming pool contractor in Singapore? At OCL Building Services, we provide reliable services to help you build the swimming pool of your dreams.

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